Acupuncture for Stress Relief

Haven’t taken a deep breath since last February? Having trouble sleeping because your mind is racing at night? Are you concerned that prolonged stress could be damaging your health?

If you’re a patient at ZüpMed, you have already experienced our warm, welcoming and safe environment offering the highest quality of care and service. But did you know we offer acupuncture as part of a holistic approach to your health and well-being? Endorsed by our medical practitioners, acupuncture is known for its calming effects, promotion of restful sleep and increased relaxation. Not sure what to expect? Patients describe the feeling of acupuncture as stress-relieving, a sensation of serenity. Establishing a regular “maintenance” routine of acupuncture will sustain these effects over time. Acupuncture treatment acts as a catalyst to turn the corner to better health routines, such as a reduced desire to smoke or more energy to exercise. This shift often happens after as little as one session. Our experienced acupuncturist will talk you through every step, answer your questions and work with the medical team to approach your health issues.

If you are feeling mentally or physically stuck (no pun intended), acupuncture can help. Treatment protocols move energy that has stagnated in the body for months or even years. These blockages can manifest as headaches, hormonal imbalances, shallow breathing, decreased immunity, insomnia, and excessive worry. Acupuncturists are trained to identify where disharmony occurs and how to treat it. There are hundreds of acupuncture points along channels, or meridians, of the body that correspond to specific actions. The point locations have names such as Life Gate, Support Spirit and Head’s Tranquility, translated from the ancient Chinese texts. Acupuncture has been studied for its therapeutic benefits on insomnia, anxiety and depression. Research supports that acupuncture has a rebalancing effect on the nervous system and regulates chemicals that restore a sense of well-being.

Like every service offered at ZüpMed in East Memphis, the treatment plan is tailored to each patient, customized for each unique situation. These methods are safe, effective and strengthen the body’s natural defenses, something we could all use right now. Whatever your health goals are for 2021, the integrative team at ZüpMed is working together to support you!

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