Know What You Owe Before You Start Treatment

Unlike other healthcare providers, ZüpMed offers transparent billing so that you always feel prepared before walking into an appointment.

The Cost of Your Visit

A basic visit to our ZüpMed Laurelwood clinic will cost $149. If you're a ZüpMed Member, the visit charge is waived. Always. Free. Nada! No cost!

Depending on staff availability and the reason for your visit, you may be seen by one of our very experienced physicians, nurse practitioners, or clinical pharmacists.

There's a surcharge of an additional $150 if you request to see a physician only. This fee is waived if we are unable to accommodate your request.

What’s Included

The visit charge includes time spent getting to know you, a physical assessment including vital signs and other measurements, an assessment of the problem, and a discussion of treatment options with you or your caregiver.

If you require a prescription, our staff will take care of any prescriptions to commercial pharmacies or provide medications from our own dispensary.

Additional Services

Additional services such as X-ray, EKG, lab studies, or breathing treatments, which you and your provider may decide are needed, will be charged separately.

No additional services will be added without your consent, and you will know in advance of their cost.

See a complete and current list of ancillary charges here. ZüpMed Members receive discounts on ancillary services.

Payment Options

When you prepare to check out, we’ll politely ask for payment for the services that we have provided. We accept payments in the form of:

  • Cash
  • Credit & debit cards
  • Health savings accounts
  • Checks
  • ZüpMed gift cards
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We do not accept insurance of any kind. If you are eligible for Medicare, federal law requires that you acknowledge in writing that we do not accept Medicare, nor are you permitted to submit any charges to Medicare for reimbursement.

(We know. Crazy. But we don’t make the laws.)

“SuperBill” Insurance Reimbursement

However, there’s a loophole for everything. At the conclusion of our visit, you may ask for a “SuperBill,” which is the ZüpMed version of the government form CMS 1500.

If you do have health insurance other than Medicare, a copy of the SuperBill may be submitted to your health insurance company and may count toward any required annual deductible.

Feel Better Guarantee

Finally, there’s the ZüpMed “Feel Better Guarantee!”. Once you have been seen for a particular problem, there are no further visit charges until that issue is solved.

We’ll stick with you until you’re fixed (or at least until you’re feeling better)!