Cardiometabolic Services at ZüpMed

We’re passionate about caring for your heart, your metabolism, and your overall wellness! Cardiometabolic disease begins with only slight changes in weight, cholesterol, blood pressure, or blood glucose.

Add in a pro-inflammatory typical American diet and some cantankerous genetics, and these slight changes can develop into diabetes, heart disease, and stroke. Uncovering your cardiometabolic risk and intervening early can delay and even halt the onset of these life-threatening illnesses.

Our cardiometabolic program has proven to be successful in reducing excess pounds on the scale, decreasing waist circumference (your old clothes may fit again!), reducing blood pressure, and achieving lower glucose targets.

Our Cardiometabolic Services Cover

An initial evaluation of your health status, which includes:

  • A review of your known medical history
  • A physical exam and blood draw to help us understand your present state of health


A detailed and personalized plan for a healthier you:

  • A selection of recommendations for diet and exercise as well as medications when indicated.



  • We check in with you weekly to see how your plan is working
  • We reassess laboratory changes every 3 months

If you're thinking about your cardiometabolic risk and your overall health – we’re here to help. Schedule an appointment today!

Cardiometabolic Health
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