Cardiometabolic Health

Cardiometabolic Services at ZüpMed 

We’re passionate about caring for your heart, your metabolism, and your overall wellness! Cardiometabolic disease begins with only slight changes in weight, cholesterol, blood pressure, or blood glucose. Add in a pro-inflammatory typical American diet and some cantankerous genetics and these slight changes can develop into diabetes, heart disease, and stroke. Uncovering your cardiometabolic risk and intervening early can delay and even halt the onset of these life-threatening illnesses. Our cardiometabolic program has proven to be successful in reducing excess pounds on the scale, decreasing waist circumference (your old clothes may fit again!), reducing blood pressure, and achieving lower glucose targets.

Our Cardiometabolic Services cover

An initial evaluation of your health status which includes:

  • A review of your known medical history
  • A physical exam and blood draw to help us understand your present state of health

A detailed and personalized plan for a healthier you:

  • A selection of recommendations for diet and exercise as well as medications when indicated.

Follow Up:

  • We check in with you weekly to see how your plan is working
  • We reassess laboratory changes every 3 months

If you are thinking about your cardiometabolic risk and your overall health – we’re here to help. Schedule an appointment today!

Cardiometabolic Health Frequently Asked Questions

What is “cardiometabolic” risk?

Let’s face it. They don’t call this part of the country “The Stroke Belt” for nothing. Whether it’s the food we eat, our lack of exercise, or the genes that we’re born with, people in the South have a significantly higher risk of stroke, heart disease, and kidney failure. That risk can be dialed down to factors such as high blood pressure, diabetes, and being overweight or obese.

Can I improve my risk factors?
Absolutely! The very purpose of our Cardiometabolic Program is to help you live longer and live better. As with everything at Züp, we’ll develop a risk modification and treatment plan that’s tailored just to you.
How long will this take?
Everyone is different. For some, our cardiometabolic risk program may be lifelong. Others may find success after only the first 12 weeks. Whatever your goals are, we’ll work to get you in your healthiest shape and to keep you there!
What labs should I expect to have drawn?
Laboratory measurement of blood cholesterol, markers for inflammation, and assessment of insulin resistance will be taken at baseline and monitored during the program. In addition, measurements of weight, waist circumference, and blood pressure will routinely be assessed as you make progress toward a healthier you.
What specific medications do you use?
A healthy diet and regular exercise are good prescriptions for everyone. Our clinical Pharmacists will fine tune medications or supplements as needed including those to help control cholesterol (like atorvastatin or rosuvastatin) and blood pressure (like amlodipine or losartan). A key part of our program, however, is the use of medications proven to reduce insulin resistance that help with weight loss such as metformin, semaglutide, or tirzepatide. As a bonus, our Pharmacists will work with your insurance company to find the most affordable option that’s right for you.