Rapid Covid-19 Testing

COVID-19 Testing

ZüpMed was the first private clinic in the city of Memphis to offer testing for COVID-19. We continue to provide the most accurate Coronavirus testing available with rapid turnaround and personalized consultation by licensed providers, every step of the way. We offer gold-standard RT-PCR testing with same- or next-day results, “rapid” in-room molecular testing with answers in as little as five minutes, and low-cost 15-minute COVID antigen tests. We also provide consistently reliable COVID antibody testing for both native infection and vaccination and will walk you through the sometimes puzzling results.

Testing, like all ZüpMed services, is available same-day, but always by appointment. Every room is equipped with an Abbott ID-NOW system for molecular PCR results while you wait. Every room is completely and thoroughly sanitized after every visit.

COVID-19 Consultation and Care

Individual consultation is available and included at no additional charge with all our testing services. Our highly-experienced providers can help answer questions ranging from requirements for overseas travel to the latest on available treatments for “long-haulers”. Our experience in caring for patients with COVID ranges from vaccine consult, individualized prescriptions based on medical assessment, IV therapy for dehydration, X-ray services for secondary infections, oxygen and other lung-focused treatments, monoclonal antibodies, and even house calls for comforting care in your own home.  We specialize in keeping you out of the overrun emergency room with expert consultation every step of the recovery process. Organizations and companies should contact us by email to [email protected] to inquire about testing programs and volume discounts for groups.

ZüpMed specializes in COVID-19 services to entertainers, stage productions, and film crews. We can provide certified COVID Compliance Officers and testing by the day, week, or individual project with adherence to SAG, Teamsters, and industry guidelines.

COVID-19 Travel Documentation

We specialize in meeting your travel testing needs, whether it be a quick flight cross country to see loved ones or a more complicated trip involving international customs. Travel restrictions are common due to COVID and are also ever-changing. Visit our blog to find out how to get ready before domestic or international travel.


What types of testing for COVID-19 does ZüpMed offer?

ZüpMed offers PCR (or Polymerase Chain Reaction) Tests ,“Rapid” Molecular Tests, “Rapid” Linear-Flow Antigen Tests, and both “Rapid” and send-out Antibody Tests.

How are COVID-19 samples obtained?

Samples for COVID-19 infection are obtained with a very small, flexible swab inserted either through the nose or mouth, a fingerprick, or for laboratory Antibody testing, a venous blood draw.

What is this “NAAT” COVID test that my destination website says that I need for travel?

A Nucleic Acid Amplification Test, or NAAT, is a broad category of diagnostic tests including ones for the virus that causes COVID-19. NAATs for SARS-CoV-2 specifically identify the RNA (ribonucleic acid) sequences that comprise the genetic material of the virus. NAATs can use many different methods to amplify nucleic acids and detect the virus, including the “Reverse Transcription Polymerase Chain Reaction” or RT-PCR offered by ZüpMed.

When will my COVID-19 test results be available?

While we are always dependent on the lab’s capacity, the results of PCR tests performed before 9:30 am Monday through Saturday are available the same afternoon through our “expedited” service.

Otherwise, PCR test results are typically available in the early evening of the next business day. For example, if you test on a Monday, you will likely receive your results anytime after 4pm on Tuesday. The lab is not open on Sundays, though, so “regular” tests on Saturday will produce results on Monday evening.

For Rapid Tests, each of our exam rooms is equipped with Abbott testing devices, so Rapid Test results are available in 15 minutes or less, while the patient waits.

How much do COVID-19 tests cost?

The cost for next-business-day PCR service is $95. Rapid Testing is priced from $65 to at $180 depending upon the type of test. ZüpMed does not accept insurance, but we can supply you with an itemized receipt which may be submitted to your insurance company for reimbursement.

Which test should I get?

PCR testing remains the “gold standard” and is both highly sensitive and specific. Historically, most interstate and international travel requirements have required PCR testing, typically within 48 or 72 hours of planned arrival. The extremely sensitive testing process itself is performed at the facilities of our partner Compass Laboratory here in Memphis. International travelers, however, have noted recent (July 2021) expansion of the types of tests allowed. Please confirm with your destination to see which type of test may be permitted. See our blog on type of tests offered here.

Since you don’t take insurance, why do you need my card?
A common question! And, we promise, there’s nothing under-handed going on! As a boutique medical clinic that doesn’t accept any insurance, we find patients are often puzzled when we ask for insurance cards. While our prices reflect our charges for testing, consultation, and telephone management when our patients get sick, the laboratory will submit a separate bill to insurance (when it’s available) for their portion of the actual test. Thus, we collect the insurance information for them. (Note: For U.S. citizens without insurance, a federal fund is available for the laboratory portion.)
Do I need an appointment?

All ZüpMed services, even those scheduled for the same day, are provided by appointment only to ensure privacy, no waiting, and a properly cleaned and prepared exam room. Our Concierge staff can be reached at 901-701-7010 to schedule an appointment.

How long should I wait after exposure before getting tested?

We agree with CDC guidelines and suggest waiting 3-5 days after exposure before testing so that any potential virus has enough time to build and show on a test. Please remember, though, that you can develop COVID infection, with or without symptoms, up to 14 days after exposure.

Do you test children?

We routinely test children of all ages. For infants and very young children, though, we ask that you first speak to your pediatrician for proper guidance.

How do we get our results?

Test results are available through a patient portal where you can see your results and even download a copy of your lab report. It has always been our policy at ZüpMed to personally call and discuss any “positive” COVID-19 tests. With the increase in number of cases, however, we have decided to suspend phone notifications after 10:00 pm so as to allow both our patients and our staff to get some rest. If you receive notification of a positive test and have not been contacted by a member of our staff, please feel free to call the following morning so that we can answer any questions and offer guidance