Physical Examinations

Comprehensive physical exams are provided as a benefit of Membership but are also available a la carte.

Exams are tailored to age, gender, and existing comorbid conditions, and may include the Cleveland Clinic Cardiac Risk Assay, other labs, EKG, and/or chest X-ray.

PAP smears are included as an option for women.

Like most of our medical services, physical exams are provided by our experienced Nurse Practitioners or Physician Assistants.  We will always attempt to accommodate your request for a same-gender provider for any particular portion of your exam.

All results are reviewed by and discussed with our Medical Director.


Sports Physicals

Junior members may substitute a Sports Physical for the annual Physical Exam.

EKGs required by some athletic organizations for young patients who have recovered from COVID-19 are charged separately.

Pre-op Cardiac Risk Assessment

Although still commonly referred to as “Pre-op Clearance”, the Cardiac Risk Assessment is designed to estimate your risk of undergoing general anesthesia for a planned surgical procedure.

EKG’s, X-rays, and laboratory studies are not commonly included in the evaluation of a typical-risk (“normal”) patient.  Should your surgeon still require these tests they will be charged separately.

Biometric (Insurance) Screening

A Biometric Screening is a collection of your “vital statistics”, designed to alert you (or your insurance company, union, or employer) of any health risks and to monitor those year-to-year.

The requirements for screenings will vary and may require early-morning labs.  We are happy to review any forms and offer guidance prior to scheduling your appointment.