What Is Comprehensive Medication Management?

Through the process of comprehensive medication management (CMM), our pharmacists at ZüpMed help organize and optimize the benefits of all your medications: prescription, over-the-counter nonprescription, vitamins, supplements, and even alternatives!

Every medication choice at ZüpMed is reviewed by our medication experts to ensure that you receive the safest, most effective treatment available.

Through this comprehensive approach, we reduce unnecessary or redundant prescriptions, identify high-risk medications, as well as adjust current medications as needed to achieve evidence-based health goals for you.

When medication changes are needed, communication is coordinated with outside providers so that your entire health team is aware of your current treatment plan. The primary goal of a CMM visit is to improve your wellness and safety – our top priorities here at ZupMed.

Why Is Comprehensive Medication Management Needed?

According to the Get the Medication Right Institute, physicians spend on average only 12 minutes talking to patients during a typical visit and only 38 seconds on new medications. You probably know from firsthand experience this does not provide enough time to explain your medications – let alone leave time for any questions you may have!

This can lead to confusion about medication plans and even medication errors. Furthermore, as the number of medications you take increases, your risk for drug-drug interactions or adverse drug events increases, making the need for managing medications even more crucial.

At Züpmed, we have a medical team that takes time to listen and understand your medical history and seeks your preferences in achieving your health and medication goals. Our pharmacist specialists help coordinate prescriptions, prior authorizations, and adjust medication when necessary.

We support integrative approaches and utilize scientific research to guide our decisions. We even incorporate your unique pharmacogenetic and nutrigenomic results into personalizing your medication plan- with your own personal DNA in mind.

“My medicine would have cost me thousands of dollars out of pocket, yet the pharmacist at ZüpMed was able to help me get my prescription covered by my insurance. I am so thankful they took the time to help me.”

“My son was on the wrong medication for years until Dr. Finks took the time to review his genetics. We found a medication solution for his ADHD and he feels so much better!”

Sounds Great—but What Does CMM Cost?

Our CMM services are available to everyone who comes to ZüpMed – member or not! Our CMM services are included as a benefit to our active members. For our non-member guests, 30-minute or 60-minute consultations are available with one of our pharmacists and start at $95.

If you have questions regarding your medications – we’re here to help. If you’d like some dedicated time to discuss your drug treatment plan with our medication experts, schedule your CMM consult today at 901.701.7010.