Enjoy Going to
the Doctor

Every time you visit ZüpMed, you’re the most important person in the room.

With a spa-like clinic, zero wait times, and everything you need all in one place, traditional PCP or urgent care clinics just can’t compare to our unmatched patient experience.

“I never expected to be writing a review about how much I enjoy going to the doctor, but there it is. I love it, because it's the very best kind of self-care: protecting my health and feeling pampered, all at once.”

— Jazz K

You’ll Build Strong Doctor-Patient Relationships

Spending precious time explaining your medical history over and over (and over) again can be tedious, especially when you don’t feel well. If you’re (literally) sick of the same old song and dance, you’re in the right place.

At ZüpMed, we consider you a part of the family, and we treat you like it. You’ll always be seen by a doctor you know and trust for continuity of care that’s extremely rare at most urgent care clinics or primary care providers.

“I felt so seen and heard, which is VERY rare in healthcare nowadays.”

— Loren M.

You’ll Know What You Owe (Before You Start Care)

Many people procrastinate or even skip a much-needed visit to the doctor because they’re afraid of how much they’ll owe — or, more specifically, that they’ll be surprised by the cost when they get the final bill.

At ZüpMed, you’ll always know what you owe without surprise costs or complicated bills, whether through Membership fees or our a la carte service costs. You should never fear a surprise medical bill — and at ZüpMed, you never will.

“I could’ve saved thousands of dollars if I only found out about ZüpMed sooner. I literally left an hour ago, and I feel wonderful.”

— Andrew M.

You’ll Never Have to Wait

Hate the wait? Not everyone is a “patient” patient, and we get that. Most urgent care clinics and ERs have full waiting rooms and long wait times for care, which can feel exhausting when you’ve got a fever or a twisted ankle.

At ZüpMed, your appointment allows for one full hour of care with zero wait time. In fact, we don’t even have a traditional waiting room. Just arrive at your scheduled time, and we’ll see you right away.

“This is an urgent care facility where you would typically wait all day at other places. Not this one. They respect you and your time.”

— Kevin H.

You’ll Get Access to Unmatched Care

Most urgent or primary care clinics offer one-time visits without benefits for patients seeking ongoing care. Essentially, once you’re in their system, you’re a name in their computer until your next appointment.

At ZüpMed, we bend over backward to meet you where you are to provide you with the best care possible. From same-day appointments, old-fashioned “house calls,” and virtual visits to guest appointments and Membership perks, we provide an unmatched patient experience that you won’t find anywhere else.

“ZüpMed has utterly changed the game for my family. Their approach to medical care is completely different, and far superior to every primary care physician I have seen.”

— Rhamy A.

You’ll Have All You Need In 1 Convenient Location

The last thing you want to do when you’re sick is getting out of bed, and then visit the doctor…and then travel across the building for testing…and then go to the pharmacy…and then…the list goes on.

ZüpMed removes every “and then” from your sick day.

With our in-house pharmaceutical dispensary, X-ray machine, and experienced medical professionals, our East Memphis location is your one-stop shop for care when you’re under the weather — right down to the chicken soup.

“Their lobby was stocked with everything from Advil to chicken soup, anything you might need when sick!”

- V.W.

You’ll Get to Skip the ER

More often than not, the emergency room is the sickest (and most expensive) place in town. With crowded waiting rooms and surprise billing, going to the ER is never a walk in the park.

For non-life-threatening emergencies, ZüpMed is here to pick you back up with our clean, safe facility, zero wait times, and comfortable environment that won’t make you sicker (or put you in debt).

“Never again will I visit a costly ER for what ZüpMed can offer at a 5-star experience. Thank you all so much for the care and hospitality.”

— Andrew M.

You’ll Feel Comfortable & Relaxed

We challenge you to find one person that enjoys the cold waiting room or papered-over exam chair of your average PCP or urgent care clinic. You’re not likely to get any raised hands.

We designed our East Memphis office to give you the height of comfortability and relaxation. All private exam rooms are outfitted with zero-gravity massage recliners, and the calming office colors and laid-back feeling will set you completely at ease.

We’ve even got the family dog in the office, so you’ll feel right at home.