Film and Entertainment

From dancers to stage crew to VIP talent, our award-winning staff has experience that ranges from small to large-scale productions (History Channel, ABC, HBO, HDTV, Mempho to name a few). Experienced with SAG and AICP guidelines, we work with you to keep your set safe.

Service provided at our clinic, onsite at your set location, or concierge house calls to home or hotel allow us to be the best at providing you with rapid turnaround on COVID testing or administering medical care. We can handle productions’ demanding timelines and ever changing schedules—trust us! With more than six certified COVID Compliance Officers, we can handle set safety for you, too. Hosting a music festival or large event? Our experienced and reliable staff know what you need to keep your conference or event safe. Whatever you need while in the Memphis area, we’ve got you! Reach out to us by calling Laura or Shannon at 901-701-7010 to discuss logistics.