COVID Testing – How to Get Ready Before Domestic or International Travel

Domestic and International travel can be stressful on its own, much less during a global pandemic, but ZüpMed understands! We specialize in meeting your travel testing needs, whether it be a quick flight cross country to see loved ones or a more complicated trip involving international customs. Travel restrictions are common due to COVID and are also ever-changing.

Currently, if traveling to China, you’ll need both Reverse Transcriptase-Polymerase Chain Reaction (RT-PCR) and antibody test results from your departing city. A physician or provider must sign international travel documents for you, which must be uploaded and approved before you board your flight. Some countries require your passport number and nationality/citizenship be printed directly on the results page. Still others require the address of your destination and that international contact information be provided. State to state travel can be tricky given the differing restrictions in various areas of the country. Some states will accept rapid test results. Others require a PT-PCR test. Do you know what type of testing your final destination requires?

  • Here are some important points to consider well in advance of your travel:
  • Research specific travel requirements for your final destination to determine which tests are required/accepted (i.e. RT-PCR testing/antibody testing.)
  • Clarify the timeframe in which the country will accept these results (for example, some countries require testing within 72 hours of departure.)
  • Determine if your destination requires the address where you will be staying or international contact information printed on the results.
  • Verify if you are required to upload a document with your results prior to departure or if it is acceptable to bring a document to the airport.
  • Verify if there is a quarantine period required before departure or after arrival.
  • Verify if the country you are traveling to requires a city of final departure result. (Example: flying from Memphis to New York to China – results would need to come from New York.)
  • Consider when you are returning, and what the return requirements may be for your situation.

We routinely perform RT-PCR testing for the detection of the COVID virus through our partner laboratory. Our nasal (or oral) swab samples obtained Monday-Friday are usually reported by late afternoon of the next day. Samples obtained on Saturday are processed with reports available by late afternoon or evening of the following Monday. The cost for our portion of the testing is a flat $95 rate. If you have health insurance, the laboratory will bill their portion of the test to your insurance company. If you do not have health insurance and are a United States citizen, the laboratory will use your social security number or driver’s license to process your sample. Additional laboratory charges may apply if you do not have U.S. insurance and are not a U.S. citizen. An expedited service for COVID-19 PCR testing is available with same day results but requires an early morning testing appointment. With international travel, we do recommend same day labs, to give you time to problem solve if issues come up with your test.

Be prepared to provide the following information for each traveler:

  • Full name, as issued on passport
  • Gender
  • Date of birth
  • Nationality/Citizenship
  • Local address
  • Cellular telephone number
  • Email
  • Insurance information, if applicable
  • Planned Date(s) of Travel
  • Country/City of Destination
  • Destination’s requirements for COVID-19 testing

Let us help you obtain proper travel documentation with quickness and ease. All you need to worry about is getting to the airport on time! Call us to schedule at Züp today at 901-701-7010 or visit our COVID-19 Testing Page.