Personalized Primary Care Services

Whether you're looking for a primary care doctor in Memphis for the diagnosis and ongoing treatment of chronic conditions like asthma or diabetes, disease prevention, health maintenance and wellness, patient education, or end-of-life discussions for the patient or a family member, each is best accomplished when we know and understand each other. That takes time.

We encourage you to consider joining the ZüpMed membership plan which allows unlimited primary care and urgent care visits throughout the year. However, you can experience our concierge model as a non-member guest.

Benefits for Members

For a modest monthly fee (usually less than your cell phone bill), our patient members and their families receive 100% of their urgent and primary care needs throughout the year! From flu shots to skinned knees to annual exams, it’s all covered, and you’ll never be bothered by confusing insurance co-pays or deductibles!

Members also receive priority scheduling and discounts off ancillary tests, services like acupuncture and IV hydration, as well as supplements and many of the products we stock out front. Just ask our concierge about joining, and we’ll handle the rest.

Services for Non-Members

Can’t get in to see your PCP for another two weeks? Need to be seen today? Be our guest! Whether it’s a strep test, an X-ray, or a full annual physical, we offer primary and urgent care, and even pharmacy services at reasonable pricing for non-member guests.

Our concierge can go over a la carte pricing with you when booking your appointment. Our prices are clear and transparent. Additionally, our itemized receipt (“Super Bill”) can be submitted to your insurance company for reimbursement for your out-of-pocket expense.