What is Nutrigenomics?

Have you ever wondered why one diet can work so well for one person, but doesn’t work for you, even though you’ve followed every tip without fail? How frustrating is it that you see noticeable changes in a coworker but you might even gain 5 pounds while she has lost 10!

Failure rates from dieting may not be your fault. It may be that you don’t know the right diet for you, or you may not be following the dietary habits that your body will respond to best. Enter the science of nutrigenomics.

Nutrigenomics Testing

With one simple test, you can know how your genes influence your body weight, mood swings, stress levels, and vitamin deficiencies. A nutrigenomics test can identify specific percentages of macronutrients (protein, carbohydrates, and fat) for you to eat in order to best fuel your body in the way it was uniquely created to be fed! Think of your body like a car engine. You wouldn’t fuel your engine with more oil than gasoline; some engines require specific percentages of unleaded gas for optimal performance. It is the same with your own body! What we eat matters, and everyone’s gasoline requirements are slightly different. When we don’t fuel our bodies in the best way possible, hormone levels can get off track, stress levels can increase, we can pack on the pounds, and our energy levels fall.

Nutrigenomics can be so eye-opening that it helps you understand why you were a chubby kid or why body changes have occurred as you’ve aged. The best part is that based on your unique genetic makeup, the test can identify simple changes in the way you cook or eat that can make noticeable differences in energy gain and weight loss. Our skin can even be improved when we fuel our bodies with what it is designed best to run on.

In addition, nutrigenomics can give you information on how your body uniquely responds to exercise, whether you will respond better to strengthening training or endurance and can identify risks for soft tissue muscle injury.

Benefits of Testing

The advantages of nutrigenomics testing are multiple and important for all ages. Younger individuals can learn early on how to live their healthiest lives by eating and exercising properly, just how their bodies were created to be fueled and worked. Those who struggle with weight loss can identify simple dietary changes that are unique to their own genetic makeup! Older individuals can identify risks for vitamin deficiencies and can learn how to properly supplement to avoid illness down the road. Further, we can understand dietary patterns that reduce the risk of developing hypertension and diabetes. Nutrigenomic testing empowers you with knowledge based on your DNA to tailor diet, fitness, supplement, and behavior. Become the best you today!

Schedule a Consultation

Your nutrigenomics consultation will start with a simple phone call or visit with one of our ZüpMed providers. We will facilitate your testing at a time convenient to you. We can even mail you a test kit if you can’t easily meet in person. It takes about 3-4 weeks for your results to return. We’ll schedule your face-to-face or telemedicine follow-up consultation with our dietician who will go through your results with you so you can learn practical ways to improve your overall eating and lifestyle patterns. Imagine a diet and exercise plan based on your very own genetic makeup.

So, is the vegan diet best for you? Or, paleo, or Whole 30? Nutrigenomics can identify how to best fuel your body for its best performance. Call 901-701-7010 or email [email protected] to schedule your consultation today!